Offshore Windpark Egmond aan Zee was erected by NoordzeeWind, a joint venture between Vattenfall and Shell. This first Dutch offshore wind farm represented an important first step for both companies to gain expertise with this form of sustainable energy. NoordzeeWind is responsible for managing the wind farm.

Wind farms from up close at Offshore Windpark Egmond aan Zee

Joint Ventures


Vattenfall (till 2019 active in the Netherlands under the name Nuon) is a leading European energy company that has been electrifying the industry for over 100 years, delivers energy to people at home, and modernises daily life through innovation and collaboration. Vattenfall wants to make fossil-free life possible within a single generation, driving the transition to a more sustainable energy system with growing sustainable production and smart energy solutions for customers. Vattenfall has some 20,000 employees and operates primarily in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Finland, and France. Vattenfall is a Swedish state-owned company.

Part from a wind turbine next to water

Joint Ventures


Shell is one of the world’s biggest energy suppliers. With the world population growing continuously, demand for greater amounts of cleaner energy is rising. Shell aims to deliver that energy, establishing the New Energies Division in 2016 with a focus on new fuels and sustainable energy, such as offshore wind power.

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In 2001, Vattenfall and Shell formed a joint venture and submitted plans for the construction and operation of the offshore wind farm via the government tender for sea-based wind energy.


The wind farm is situated 10 to 18 kilometres off the coast near Egmond aan Zee.