Wind turbine closer view with shell logo on it

Joint Ventures


Nuon is an energy company, which serves approximately 2 million consumers, companies and organisations in the Netherlands. We produce and supply electricity, heat, cold and gas and offer our customers various sustainable products and solutions. As part of Vattenfall we want to be fossil free within one generation. We do this by moving away from fossil sources and switching to carbon free energy sources where possible. In addition, we make clever use of residual heat and innovate with various storage possibilities for wind and solar energy.

Wind fan with shell logo releccting in water

Joint Ventures


Shell is one of the largest energy suppliers in the world. With a growing world population, the demand for more and cleaner energy is increasing as well. Shell wants to provide this energy. That is why we set up our New Energies division in 2016, alongside our existing industries, which unites our experience, partnerships and technical knowledge to work towards a sustainable future. The focus areas of this division are New Fuels and Power. In the Netherlands, offshore wind will play an important role as a source of renewable power and part of the future energy system.