Your personal data

We would like to inform you about the personal data collected about you by a company or companies within the Shell group of companies (‘Shell’) and/or NoordzeeWind for which purposes and your rights in this respect.

These Privacy Notices may be supplemented by local/additional notices. These Notices are also available in local languages (where applicable) from the relevant Shell country website.

Shell has adopted Binding Corporate Rules for Customer, Supplier and Business Partner and Binding Corporate Rules for Employees, which provide a privacy compliance framework which has been approved by the Dutch Data Protection Authority such that Shell companies and/or NoordzeeWind are able to lawfully transfer the personal data of its European employees and customers to other companies within the Shell group in compliance with EU data protection laws and regulations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns related to the processing of your personal data – contact details are provided in the Privacy Notice and on the Shell country website of your location.