At the top of the tower, the nacelle with rotor and two blades was installed in a single operation. The third blade was subsequently attached to the rotor as a separate operation offshore. Installation is a relatively complex operation: in all, some 15 fitters and technicians spent 36 hours installing the first wind turbine.

Now that the first turbines have been installed, the Wind Farm is slowly taking shape. When the weather is clear, the construction work will be clearly visible in the vicinity of Egmond aan Zee and from the North Holland coast over the coming months. Two heavy lift vessels are frequently deployed simultaneously, one installing the foundations (of which 12 are already in place) and the other the towers and turbines. In IJmuiden harbour, the Wind Farm components – towers, nacelles and blades – are loaded on board boats which shuttle between the harbour and Wind Farm, accompanied by tugs.

A start was also made this week on laying and installing the power cables between the Wind Farm and the shore. A dedicated cable-laying vessel will be deployed close to the shore at Velsen, for which purpose a small part of the beach will be temporarily cordoned off.

Wind Farm

The Egmond aan Zee Offshore Wind Farm comprises 36 wind turbines with a total capacity of 108 megawatts. These first four turbines are the ones closest to the coast. The others will be further offshore. These turbines can supply more than 100,000 households in the Netherlands with sustainable power. By the end of 2006 when the Wind Farm is scheduled for completion, the first electricity will be delivered to Nuon for the Dutch market. The Offshore Wind Farm project entails an investment of more than € 200 million and is being executed by NoordzeeWind, a Shell Nuon partnership. The Wind Farm is being built at the initiative of the Dutch government. Construction of the Wind Farm has been entrusted to Bouwcombinatie Egmond, a partnership of the building company Ballast Nedam and wind turbine manufacturer Vestas.

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