The wind farm will be built in 2006 and will be the first wind farm off the Dutch coast. Yesterday NoordzeeWind – a 50/50 joint venture between Shell and Nuon – subcontracted the construction to Bouwcombinatie Egmond, a joint venture between the Dutch offshore contracting company Ballast Nedam and the Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas.

There will be 36 wind turbines with a total capacity of 108 Megawatts, located off the Dutch coast at Egmond aan Zee. Every year the wind turbines will produce enough power for more than 100,000 households in the Netherlands. The wind farm will start supplying renewable electricity, which Nuon will take for the Dutch market, from the end of 2006. More than € 200 million will be invested in the project.

An extensive research programme is linked to the project, so as to acquire know-how on offshore wind energy. The effect on both nature and the environment will be studied, as well as technical aspects such as the behaviour of the turbines and the integration into the electricity grid. This will help gain experience for the further development of offshore wind energy.

The Dutch government is supporting the project in three different ways: via the Environmental Quality of Electricity Production (MEP) scheme, via an investment subsidy under the CO2 reduction plan of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and by means of the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) tax ruling.

“The construction of the wind farm fits in with Nuon’s policy of making the energy supply more sustainable and increasing the energy production in its core countries, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany”, said Ludo van Halderen, chairman of the Management Board of Nuon. “The Egmond aan Zee offshore wind farm offers customers in the Netherlands a new opportunity of buying home-produced renewable energy.” Construction work is scheduled to start at the end of 2005 and will consist of drilling under the beach and the dunes at Velsen to lay the electrical cables to the transformer sub-station on the Corus site. The foundation piles for the wind turbines will be driven in the spring of 2006 and then the wind turbines will be lifted into place.

Background information

Technical specifications
Wind turbines 36 Vestas V90 (3 MW)
Capacity 108 Megawatt
Distance from the shore 10 – 18 kilometres
Surface area of wind farm 30 km2
Foundation pile 30 metres into the sea bed
Water depth 18 metres
Height of tower above sea level 70 metres
Maximum height incl. rotor 115 metres
Diameter of rotor 90 metres
Number of rotor blades 3
Electricity transport 3 x 34 kV under-sea
medium voltage cables
Transformation conversion to 150 kV high voltage 
Grid connection grid of Continuon Netbeheer
Start of construction end 2005
Completion and start of production end 2006


Preparation work has been going on project for several years. NoordzeeWind was selected by the Dutch government as its partner in July 2002, after which soil surveys and wind measurements were carried out, lasting a couple of years, and then an environmental impact report was drawn up. Additionally a number of projects have been developed to further boost nature conservation.