They will link the wind farm to the transformer sub-station. To lay the cables, one end of the cables must first be pulled to the shore from the cable laying vessel ‘Team Oman’. The ship then sails to the wind farm, paying out the cable. At the same time the cable is sunk in the sea bed to a depth that varies from 1.5 to more than 3 metres. During the process of laying the cables from the shore to the wind farm, the cables will cross three existing telecommunication cables. Concrete mattresses have been laid at these crossing points to protect the telecommunication cables. Subsequently the new cables will also be covered with mattresses. Each of the three cables is around 15.5 kilometres in length. n the beach to the south of Wijk aan Zee the cable will be pulled through conduit pipes under the dunes to the transformer sub-station. These pipes were laid under the dunes in 2005. he testing of the cables can begin once they have been connected in the transformer sub-station.