Information pillar at Egmond aan Zee

Dec 11, 2006

At the main entrance to the beach at Egmond aan Zee stands an information pillar.

First delivery of clean electricity

Oct 05, 2006

Egmond aan Zee Offshore Wind Farm deliverd first kilowatt-hours of clean electricity to households in the Netherlands.

Last turbine installed

Aug 31, 2006

Installation of the turbines is done: 36 are standing proud offshore.

Underwater noise measurements

Aug 10, 2006

As part of the monitoring and evaluation programme experts from Imares IJmuiden (formerly Rivo) have measured the local underwater noise levels. 

All 36 foundation piles in place

Aug 02, 2006

Last Friday 28 July the final foundation pile was put into place.

Avian research during construction

Jul 26, 2006

In the context of the Monitoring and Evaluation programme avian research is carried out during the offshore construction work.

Final foundations

Jul 26, 2006

The pile driving work is almost over. Of the 36 foundations, 33 have already been driven into the sea bed.

Cabling work onshore and offshore

Jul 21, 2006

Three electric cables, which will connect the wind farm to the electricity grid, are being laid under the sea bed.

Update on construction progress

Jul 06, 2006

14 wind turbines, 19 foundations, 2 electric cables from the farm to the shore: that is how things stand on 5 July.

First turbine at sea

Jul 06, 2006

On Sunday June 4, the first wind turbine has been installed at sea. Sea Energy, the ship of A2Sea, installed the tower on the foundation.

Grid connection transformer sub-station completed

Jun 02, 2006

At June 1 the grid connection of the transformer sub-station has been completed.

Supply components wind turbines

May 09, 2006

The first components of towers, turbines & blades arrived. At this moment components for 9 turbines arrived at the harbour in IJmuiden. 

Four foundations in place

May 09, 2006

As of Easter four foundation piles were driven for the Egmond aan Zee offshore wind farm. After a period of preparation the ship carrying a foundation pile and a transition piece set sail at mid April. 

Svanen in IJmuiden

Apr 12, 2006

The heavy lift vessel Svanen is lying in the new IJmond harbour in IJmuiden. 

Transformer sub-station makes steady progress

Apr 11, 2006

A transformer sub-station is being built on the Reyndersweg in Wijk aan Zee to connect the wind farm to the electricity grid. Construction started in the autumn of 2005.