Biodiversity and ecosystem

Ecology & Environment

Under Ecology & Environment you can find the reports regarding the research on possible impacts of the offshore wind farm on ecology and environment.

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You can find the pre-construction baseline measurements of Offshore Windpark Egmond aan Zee (OWEZ) below.

Final report pelagic fish

Final report parcel 5 seabirds

Final report marine mammals

Final report demersal fish

Final report benthos


You can find the reports with regards to the impact of the offshore wind farm on fish.

Interim-report pelagic fish

Interim-report demersal fish

Residence time cod and sole in the wind farm

Final report OWEZ fish

Public opinion & environment


This research summarises the different researches about the impact of the Offshore Windpark Egmond aan Zee (OWEZ) on the fauna in and around the offshore wind farm.

Short term effects of an offshore wind farm on different fauna groups


NoordzeeWind has gained much knowledge and experience over the past years in the areas of technology, operations and ecology & environment.

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