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2012 Offshore Wind and Ecology Congress

October 11 & 12

Learn the latest on ecological effects of offshore wind farms!

  • Get the latest scientific knowledge on ecological effects of the Offshore Wind farm Egmond aan Zee
  • Meet and interact with international scientific experts, offshore wind industry, government, ngo's and agencies
  • Learn about effects on fish, birds, marine mammals and benthos

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Offshore Wind and Ecology Congress 2012

Presentations and participants

Presentations and participants

Around 140 participants from many different European and Asian countries took part in the congress. Roughly 50% of the participants came from industries, 30% from scientific institutes and 20% from governmental organisations and interest groups.

See the programme below:

11 October:
Ministry of Economic Affairs – EL&I, Ronald Roosdorp:
A short history of offshore wind =>> OWE
Nuon, Remco Boersma:
The Future of Offshore Wind
Rijkswaterstaat/Waterdienst, Klaas Groen:
Environmental Evaluation Program OWEZ: beyond the harvest…
NoordzeeWind, Henk Kouwenhoven:
Environmental monitoring in OWEZ, lessons learnt
Key note by Ib Krag Petersen (Aarhus University, Department of Bioscience):
Effects of offshore wind farms on birds
Key note by Jonathan Gordon (University of St. Andrews):
Effects of wind farms on marine mammals – an overview -
Key note by Han Lindeboom (Imares):
Offshore wind farms, new players in marine ecosystems
12 October:
Magda Bergman, Royal NIOZ:
Five years OWEZ Wind farm: too short for the recovery of the local macrobenthos community?
Sietse Bouma, Bureau Waardenburg:
The wealth of new species caused by the OWEZ foundations
Karen Krijgsveld, Bureau Waardenburg:
Flying birds: how good are they at avoiding the OWEZ turbines?
Mardik Leopold, Wageningen Imares:
Love them, hate them or ignore them? The wider view on birds as seen from ship’s transects
Martin Poot, Bureau Waardenburg:
From one OWEZ to 10 more wind farms; how about cumulative impacts?
Sjoerd Dirksen, Bureau Waardenburg:
The integration of all OWEZ bird research, what did we learn?
Ralf van Hal, Wageningen Imares:
The local fish community, indifferent to the wind farm?
Erwin Winter, Wageningen Imares:
Behaviour of cod and sole in the wind farm, telemetry and tagging
Sophie Brasseur, Wageningen Imares:
Sharing space: harbour seals and windfarms
Meike Scheidat, Wageningen Imares:
Porpoises and offshore windfarms – conflict, co-existence or refuge?
Han Lindeboom, Wageningen Imares:
Impact of OWEZ on the marine ecosystem, an integration of results
Policy debate with leading representatives: Ed Buddenbaum (Ministry of EL&I), Huib Morelisse (Nuon); Allard Castelein (Shell); Han Lindeboom (Imares), Sytske van den Akker (Noordzee foundation).