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2012 Offshore Wind and Ecology Congress

October 11 & 12

Learn the latest on ecological effects of offshore wind farms!

  • Get the latest scientific knowledge on ecological effects of the Offshore Wind farm Egmond aan Zee
  • Meet and interact with international scientific experts, offshore wind industry, government, ngo's and agencies
  • Learn about effects on fish, birds, marine mammals and benthos

Register now! 2 day ticket €200,-




The Egmond aan Zee Offshore Wind Farm (OWEZ) was the first wind farm in the Netherlands to be built offshore. Indeed, the number of offshore wind farms elsewhere in the world is still small.
Offshore wind turbines are exposed to tough conditions: salt, seawater, waves, currents and strong wind. To be able to make future offshore wind farms cheaper and more efficient, more knowledge is needed about the effects those conditions have on the wind turbines.
There is also insufficient data on potential effects on nature and environment with respect to the situation in the Netherlands.

The OWEZ is linked to a comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation Programme (NSW-MEP) that is carried out in cooperation with leading research institutes.
The NSW-MEP aims to fill the gaps in knowledge and experience in the field of technology, economy, nature, environment and use functions. Consequently there are two parts to the NSW-MEP: Ecology and Technology.

The total research programme started during the construction period in 2006 and runs until 2012.