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2012 Offshore Wind and Ecology Congress

October 11 & 12

Learn the latest on ecological effects of offshore wind farms!

  • Get the latest scientific knowledge on ecological effects of the Offshore Wind farm Egmond aan Zee
  • Meet and interact with international scientific experts, offshore wind industry, government, ngo's and agencies
  • Learn about effects on fish, birds, marine mammals and benthos

Register now! 2 day ticket €200,-


Wind turbines


Wind turbines

A total of 36 wind turbines were buid. Each of them stands on a monopile, a big steel pile that is driven into the sea bed. The diameter of this pile is 4.6 metres and the plate thickness is 5-6 cm. The length of these monopiles varies from 40 to 50 metres, depending on the sea bed conditions and the depth of water at the site. The piles each weigh roughly 250 tons. After driving, the top of each pile was five meters under the water table and the base around 30 metres under the sea bed.


Ballast Nedam’s heavy lift vessel ‘Svanen’ was used to drive the enormous monopiles. The ‘Svanen’ is a catamaran with a hoisting height of 76 metres. This ship was specially designed and built in 1990 for the construction of large concrete bridges in countries such as Denmark.